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Don’s Tips: Small Fluffy White Dog

Are you looking for a small, cute, fluffy, white dog?  You are? Well there are two main rivals for your... read more

Don’s Tips: Plants Poisonous To Dogs

Plants Poisonous To Dogs
  Some plants give pet dogs a lot of grief.  Some plants even kill dogs. The plant that creates by... read more

Don’s Tips: Designer Dogs

Designer dogs
For dog owners, the last 20 years has seen a remarkable turnaround in preferences. About 20 years ago the first... read more

How About Hens?

  How About Hens? Thinking of getting some backyard chooks but not sure what to do? Poultry expert Megg Miller... read more

Pecking Orders

There really is a pecking order in every henhouse, and it’s worth your while to give the newcomers a hand,... read more

Pekin Bantams

Docile, small and pretty, but not a great layer, the Pekin bantam is a great bird for kids, small backyards,... read more

Vegie Garden Tips

It’s very important when designing a vegetable garden, to make it functional and to also make it a nice area... read more

Keeping Chickens

Chooks make wonderful pets and are great recyclers, they turn your kitchen scraps into free-range eggs for the family, consume pests... read more

Getting Clucky!

baby chicken
Spring is the time to start making babies in the henhouse, says Megg Miller. We mean baby chickens, of course!... read more

Moody Maltese Dog

  From Lisa, Ravenshoe, QLD Q: Good Evening, I have a pet enquiry, we have two 7 year old male maltese dogs... read more

Chooks For Kids

Megg Miller says chooks make fantastic pets for children. All mum and dad need to do is choose the right... read more

Don’s Tips: Old Husbands’ Tales #6 – Water In Soft Drink Bottles Repel Dogs

water bottles
More Old Husband’s Tales today. Many people will insist that placing plastic soft drink bottles filled with water on the... read more