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The Ultimate Guide to Butterflies in the UK and How to Prevent Their Decline

...utterflies in the UK and How to Prevent Their Decline, to which there is a link below. Much of the information is relevant to Australian readers and readers around the world. We did not write this article, however, believe that visitors to the BBY site and fans of the BBY TV and radio programs may find what Rachel has written interesting. Furthermore, we hope that it may help readers to attract butterflies to their own garden and help increase the... read more

The Bird Whisperer

...vary a lot in shyness, courage and aggressive behaviour. The video on the link is an experiment with a really nasty, seemingly sociopathic Little Corella. Make no mistake, this is a very dangerous bird. Yet it responded in a wonderful way after 11 seconds of polite mutual greetings. The video was made for the general public and is not very detailed at all, so here is the more in-depth story. Firstly, the bird and I were strangers to one another.... read more

Boboli Gardens

...Nepean River gravel. These colours never intrude too strongly but serve to link the various garden elements. Garden features Features of the garden are ancient sculptures and decorations acquired by the Medici family. Some of the amazing relics in the garden are Roman statues dating back more than a thousand years (some are around 1800 years old). There is also a large bath which was the bath for the public of Rome built by the Roman Emperor Titis... read more

Alice Springs that has lasted for 150 years a reality. There were earlier attempts to link Adelaide and Darwin by rail, and even a little controversy as to where the train got its name. Most think it was named after Afghan camel drivers, who operated the route before the railway was built. Others say it was named after a commissioner who finally got the line to Alice Springs up and running back in 1929. Booked out right up to Christmas, the new railway is on... read more

Building an Aviary

...uipment The aviary we constructed was made with upright treated pine poles linked top and bottom by horizontal pieces (also of treated timber). The structure was strengthened by diagonally placed wire across the roof. The entire structure was clad with mesh and one section finished with a Colorbond roof (for shelter). For a sketch of the aviary see diagram 1. To build an aviary 3.6m x 3.6m square x 2m high (approximately 12x12x7′) you will need th... read more

Foxglove Spires

Foxglove flowers
...ambling roses and wisteria. This was the first of a series of arches which link different parts of the garden, giving strength to the overall design. The style and era of the house, the cool climate and the heavy clay soils influenced the choice of garden plants. Main garden features More than 2500 foxgloves raise their spires in the garden in late October. Leading to the house is a grand 55m (165′) long arbour of espaliered Manchurian pears. The... read more

Sasanqua Camellia Problems

...e. That way you’ll have the best chance of finding an answer to your problem.) Further information pH kits can be purchased at nurseries and hardware stores. They are also available from Burke’s Backyard for $16.50 (click on the Burke’s Backyard Shop link above for ordering details). Horse manure can be obtained from a horse stud or stable, or use cow manure ($53m3 from landscape suppliers). Wettasoil costs about $9 for 50ml, and SaturAid is price... read more

Primate Research – Crocodylus Park

...ything on a world scale to primate research. Dr Grahame Webb would like to link up with the university so that the monkeys and other primates can be on display for the public to visit the foreign animals as well as getting students from the university involved in the research and build up their expertise. An example of private enterprise combining with university student researchers, getting the best people to solve the most complex problems. The... read more

Building a Swing Set

...his is the required length of chain, and we needed four lengths with equal links. To attach the chain to the eye bolts use 10mm bolted shackles, tightening the shackle bolt with a shifter once attached. Go over the entire structure, checking all the nuts and bolts and making sure everything is secure. Slot the swing hooks through the last link in each of the chains and two swings. (Remember: the concrete will still need to dry for 24 hours before... read more

Maltese Mother

...: Nigel laid sandstone steppers on a bed of 4:1 sand and cement mortar, to link the formal garden with the utility area and to provide an entrance from the deck to the garden. Blitz Tipz: Use a stringline stretched taut between two stakes to guide both the height and the position of the outside edge of your pavers. Garden beds: Jody incorporated an organic soil mix through her new garden beds to ensure quick plant establishment. A mulch of Nepean... read more

Land Holdings

retaining wall that builds up behind the wall. Examples include sleeper walls, modular link walls, gabion cages, and free-standing drystone or rock walls. Tip: porous walls can be a problem with paving where water stains will cause marks. To prevent problems, allow for a small garden bed or strip drain along the base of the wall to prevent seepage marks onto paving.   Sleeper walls These are probably the most popular retaining wall options. Sleepers can eithe... read more

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

...It also bears a striking resemblance to the Swedish Vallhund, suggesting a link perhaps brought about by viking invaders in the ninth century. Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 Pembroke Welsh Corgis since 1944 when she was given her first, Susan, as an 18th birthday present. It is this high profile which has caused the breed to be so popular in the United Kingdom. What’s the difference? Just how similar are the Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh... read more