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Pug Dogs
Black & White Pugs Pug Dog with Child The Pug Breed: Pug Temperament: playful, exuberant Maintenance: low-medium Lifespan: 10-12 years... read more

Luke’s Pet Pug

Luke’s Pet Pug Last February Luke Smale was a passenger in a car which crashed and caught fire. He was... read more


Breed: Pugalier (Pug x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) Temperament: playful, companionable, inquisitive Lifespan: 10-12 years Maintenance: low Recommended for: anyone,... read more


Maurie Don introduced a new member of the Burke’s Backyard team Maurie, the Pug puppy. He spent his first night... read more

Names of the Burke’s Backyard team

On this week’s program Don and the film crew had a bit of fun playing ‘the name game’. As promised,... read more

Don’s Tips: Designer Dogs

Designer dogs
For dog owners, the last 20 years has seen a remarkable turnaround in preferences. About 20 years ago the first... read more

Top 10 Dogs

Number 1: Golden Retriever The Golden Retriever makes an ideal family pet. It is sound, good tempered, good with children,... read more


Mal Pugh began working on his garden about 20 years ago. He wanted a backyard that was low maintenance, but... read more

Don’s Tips: Dog Dumpage

Last month we looked at the small fluffy white dog breeds and it emerged that the West Highland White Terrier... read more

Don’s Tips: Peter Pan Dogs

Peter Pan Dogs
  What mammal, when all grown up, is only 3 weeks old? Give up?  The answer is certain dog breeds... read more

Libby Lenton & Luke Trickett

Don caught up with Libby Lenton, her husband Luke Trickett and their pet dogs Buddy, a Pug, and Harry, a... read more

Dog Dumpage

‘Burke’s Backyard’, in conjunction with the RSPCA, completed an Australia-wide (all mainland states but not Tasmania) research project to compare... read more