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Black Labrador
...en to the north of England where they were used a gun dogs and retrievers. Labrador Temperament The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in Australia (ANKC registration figures – 1999) and is described as an ever faithful companion. Labradors are adaptable, friendly and loving dogs. They are also intelligent and obedient and can be trained easily and are employed as guide, service and customs dogs. Vets report that some strains of Labr... read more


..., in answer to demand for a medium-sized crossbred dog, have developed the Labrador x Cocker Spaniel, an active dog smaller than the Labrador and supposedly smarter than a Spaniel. These dogs don’t actually have a widely known catchy name like the Labradoodle, though ‘Spanador’ has been used. The Spanador These crossbreeds have been regarded as a serious ongoing concern since around the mid nineties. They were undoubtedly produced before then but... read more


Two Labradoodles
...egeneration. And it is these poodles that make for an ideal match with the Labrador. To further improve the likelihood of creating a healthy dog, responsible breeders must check that their breeding stock is free of genetic diseases. As far as temperament goes, the Labrador Retriever is a much loved and ever-faithful companion. They are friendly and loving dogs (especially of their food), which, combined with their intelligence, contributes to them... read more

Guide Dog Association breed is so carefully selected for temperament and soundness. Why are Labrador Retrievers used as Guide Dogs? The Labrador Retriever is the breed most commonly used for Guide Dog training throughout the world. They are preferred because they are highly trainable and have placid temperaments. The Labrador is a responsive, intelligent dog which learns quickly. Its greatest asset is its willingness to please. Labradors also have a very positive... read more

La Schnoodle

...  Grooming Poodles don’t shed and Giant Schnauzers shed very little. Labradors do, so there will be some variation in the amount of shedding in the offspring. Those with stronger Labrador influence will inevitably shed most. And just because a dog may not shed doesn’t mean that it is maintenance free, in fact quite the opposite is true. If a dog doesn’t shed its hair, it will require regular clipping. Hair will need to be cut away... read more

Wombats as sperm is collected before the animals are returned back to the wild. Data collected from the musters help manage populations as well has monitor the impacts of climate change on the species. Data from these SA studies is also used to help conservation efforts for the northern hairy-nosed wombat. For the last two years Dr Elisa Sparrow has been running Wombat Workshops in all the southern hairy-nosed wombat regions – eight workshops in total.... read more

Regent Honeyeater

...and location. Volunteers need only a pair of binoculars, a field guide and data supplied by the organisers of the project. The last project like this was run 20 years ago and had 3000 volunteers, while the current project has only 500 volunteers, organiser Geoff Barrett is hoping more people will volunteer. The aim of the new project is to compare the new bird atlas with the earlier data to see if any comparisons or conclusions can be drawn. For m... read more

Lowering Cholesterol considered a substitute for cholesterol-lowering medication. We have no data about the long-term safety of foods containing added plant sterols. The margarine spreads have been approved, but the other products will need special approval under the new food standards which come into force in June 2001. ANZFA has assessed the application for approval of products containing plant sterols, but concluded that only a restricted permission (for margari... read more

Light Fitting Pots

...Materials Light shades 250mm galvanised stormwater pipe x 1800mm 4mm long link chain bolts/nuts/washers 5mm snap hooks 20mm ceiling hooks aluminium flywire potting mix iron pot stand plants How it was done 1. Don prepared two painted, aluminium light shades for planting by simply cutting some aluminium flywire to size and covering the holes at the bottom. He then filled the shades with potting mix and planted them with freckle face (Hypoestes ‘Pe... read more

German Shepherd

German Shepherd
...t are designed to reduce the incidence of diseases with a possible genetic link, by selecting for breeding only those animals which pass stringent selection tests. In Australia, the German Shepherd Dog League has established an A-stamp Certificate system which is designed to reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia, a crippling disease of the hind legs. The A clearance means that the puppy is of a quality acceptable for breeding. A similar certificat... read more

Top 10 Dogs

...g, and some can be very neurotic. Number 9: Labrador Retriever The popular Labrador Retriever is intelligent, obedient, faithful and easy-care due to its short coat. They need lots of exercise to offset their predisposition to obesity. They can be great for families and couples, but there are some aggressive Labradors around, which is why we recommend the Golden Retriever for families. Number 10: German Shorthaired Pointer These beautiful dogs lov... read more

Lungfish occupies a unique place in evolution, some experts believing it to be a link between the fishes and the land animals. Aside from the fact that it possesses a lung allowing it to breathe air, the lungfish secretes hormones to stimulate reproduction which are identical with those of mammals, including humans. This discovery was made by Professor Jean Joss who heads the Australian Lungfish Research Centre based at Sydney’s Macquarie University. Wh... read more