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Beagle dog
...ce to train. A structured training program is strongly recommended for all Beagles. Beagle health & lifespan The Beagle is a tough little dog with few health problems. Main areas to watch are: obesity – which can lead to problems such as back strain. Anal glands – some owners report problems with blockages in the dog’s anal glands, located on either side of the anus. This is usually indicated by the dog dragging its bottom along the ground. It can... read more

Wombats as sperm is collected before the animals are returned back to the wild. Data collected from the musters help manage populations as well has monitor the impacts of climate change on the species. Data from these SA studies is also used to help conservation efforts for the northern hairy-nosed wombat. For the last two years Dr Elisa Sparrow has been running Wombat Workshops in all the southern hairy-nosed wombat regions – eight workshops in total.... read more

Regent Honeyeater

...and location. Volunteers need only a pair of binoculars, a field guide and data supplied by the organisers of the project. The last project like this was run 20 years ago and had 3000 volunteers, while the current project has only 500 volunteers, organiser Geoff Barrett is hoping more people will volunteer. The aim of the new project is to compare the new bird atlas with the earlier data to see if any comparisons or conclusions can be drawn. For m... read more

Lowering Cholesterol considered a substitute for cholesterol-lowering medication. We have no data about the long-term safety of foods containing added plant sterols. The margarine spreads have been approved, but the other products will need special approval under the new food standards which come into force in June 2001. ANZFA has assessed the application for approval of products containing plant sterols, but concluded that only a restricted permission (for margari... read more

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

...e lay-person the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen looks like a cross between a Beagle and a Wire-coated Dachshund, standing 34-38cm (13.5-15") and weighing 14-16kg (31-35lb). It is essentially a dwarf (normal body, short legs) rather than a miniature breed (eg: Tenterfield Terrier which has legs in proportion to its body). The coat is wiry and comes in typical hound markings of white with cream, black and tan. Very long eyelashes are a feature of the... read more


...s. Appearance: To the layman, the Foxhound is just a taller version of the Beagle, smooth-coated, with drop ears and available in the same range of colours: black, white, tan and their combinations. Beagles are small to medium dogs reaching about 40cm (16″), the Foxhound stands 58-64cm (23-25″) and has a flatter skull and sharper features. Temperament: Foxhounds are said to be typical hounds: active, friendly, outgoing, craving company but once on... read more

Don’s Expert Answers: Looking for low maintenance, calm, (not yappy) companion dog. I live in an apartment. What dog suits me best?

...ihuahua’s or shih zu’s. I like the sounds and looks of a cavalier/cross, a beagle/cross, shiba inu etc although not sure they’d like being alone during the day. It’s only myself and my 18yr son who’s in and out of the house. Please help with suggestions?? my intention would be to buy in the 2nd half of the year, so no hurry to find the perfect companion. Thanks in advance! Answer: Hi , is it Renee? Dog breeds are reasonably uniform in terms of loo... read more

Basset Hounds

...e experts claim it is the result of a cross between the Bloodhound and the Beagle, while others say it was a mutation found in a litter of Stag hounds. Another theory is that the Basset is a descendant of the old St Hubert hounds. The British landed gentry reportedly used Bassets when hunting on foot because its short legs and steady gait made it possible to keep pace whereas other hounds had to be followed on horseback. The name Basset is actuall... read more

Top 10 Dogs

...including breathing difficulties and eyes that tend to pop out. Number 7: Beagle These lovely little dogs have placid temperaments and are safe with the kids. They can be a little stubborn in training, but they adore their food and will usually perform well if food is offered as a reward! They are also inclined to wander, and many Beagles find an open gate irresistible! Number 8: Poodle Poodles are real little characters. They love playing, they’... read more

Guide Dog Association

...tal characteristics and physical attributes. The programme uses scientific data and genetic analysis to improve fertility and conception rates while seeking to minimise skeletal, neurological, opthalmological, skin and other genetic diseases. Arguably these are the best purebred dogs in the world, in that no other dog breed is so carefully selected for temperament and soundness. Why are Labrador Retrievers used as Guide Dogs? The Labrador Retrieve... read more

Brown Snakes

...Australia. In the 90s studies suggested that it was three to four. Current data shows that between spring 1997 and autumn 1998 there were at least six deaths. Between spring 1998 and autumn 1999 there have been at least four deaths, maybe more. Brown snakes There are several species of brown snake in Australia. Their generic name is Pseudonaja, which means false cobra, and refers to their impressive threat display. The most toxic member of the gro... read more

Fitness Yesterday and Today and what time they were taken off at night. At the end of the week the data from all the Trackmores was downloaded to a computer and the results were averaged. Results The Old Sydney Town group was about two and a half times more active than the modern sedentary workers were. In terms of actual energy that’s about 1,000 calories (equivalent to walking an extra ten kilometres) per day. What to do Garry recommends using technology to help deal w... read more