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The Ultimate Guide to Butterflies in the UK and How to Prevent Their Decline

...utterflies in the UK and How to Prevent Their Decline, to which there is a link below. Much of the information is relevant to Australian readers and readers around the world. We did not write this article, however, believe that visitors to the BBY site and fans of the BBY TV and radio programs may find what Rachel has written interesting. Furthermore, we hope that it may help readers to attract butterflies to their own garden and help increase the... read more

Pseudo Arthritis

Health and fitness expert, Dr Garry Egger, looked at the link between obesity and pain in the knees, hips and ankles. Garry says it’s no coincidence that as Australians get fatter, complaints about arthritis increase. There are genuine cases of arthritis that need special medical attention, but for many people, putting on extra weight could be the real cause of the problem. Garry placed an apple, then a melon on two matchsticks, to show what happ... read more

Don’s Expert Answers: Isn’t growing/developing, has white spots all over

...hs ago lots of ants invaded but none for months since I re-potted. Its about 45cm tall. I tried a photo but your website cant upload it, happy to send to a link? Thank you. Answer: Sorry Rachel, but I need a photo to be able to help you. Don... read more

Alice Springs that has lasted for 150 years a reality. There were earlier attempts to link Adelaide and Darwin by rail, and even a little controversy as to where the train got its name. Most think it was named after Afghan camel drivers, who operated the route before the railway was built. Others say it was named after a commissioner who finally got the line to Alice Springs up and running back in 1929. Booked out right up to Christmas, the new railway is on... read more

Mexican Garden

.... The pale terracotta tiles, also from Mexico, tie everything together and link in an earthy way to the terracotta ornaments. Mexicans are not afraid to mix colours, and Kelli thinks that the best way to create this style is to just put all your favourite colours together. She says that for some reason they give an authentic Mexican look without clashing. Kelli’s favourite part of the house is the banco courtyard. The colours there (especially the... read more

Building an Aviary

...uipment The aviary we constructed was made with upright treated pine poles linked top and bottom by horizontal pieces (also of treated timber). The structure was strengthened by diagonally placed wire across the roof. The entire structure was clad with mesh and one section finished with a Colorbond roof (for shelter). For a sketch of the aviary see diagram 1. To build an aviary 3.6m x 3.6m square x 2m high (approximately 12x12x7′) you will need th... read more

Sasanqua Camellia Problems

...e. That way you’ll have the best chance of finding an answer to your problem.) Further information pH kits can be purchased at nurseries and hardware stores. They are also available from Burke’s Backyard for $16.50 (click on the Burke’s Backyard Shop link above for ordering details). Horse manure can be obtained from a horse stud or stable, or use cow manure ($53m3 from landscape suppliers). Wettasoil costs about $9 for 50ml, and SaturAid is price... read more

Boboli Gardens

...Nepean River gravel. These colours never intrude too strongly but serve to link the various garden elements. Garden features Features of the garden are ancient sculptures and decorations acquired by the Medici family. Some of the amazing relics in the garden are Roman statues dating back more than a thousand years (some are around 1800 years old). There is also a large bath which was the bath for the public of Rome built by the Roman Emperor Titis... read more

Building a Swing Set

...his is the required length of chain, and we needed four lengths with equal links. To attach the chain to the eye bolts use 10mm bolted shackles, tightening the shackle bolt with a shifter once attached. Go over the entire structure, checking all the nuts and bolts and making sure everything is secure. Slot the swing hooks through the last link in each of the chains and two swings. (Remember: the concrete will still need to dry for 24 hours before... read more

Driving For Dollars

...t with a plan view of your property and consider how the drive is going to link from the street to your house. A straight line might be an obvious choice, but on a slope, a curved drive can look smart, and the curve can work with the slope, making the driveway a curious element from the street view. The materials you choose will be reliant on budget, but adding detail to the driveway’s layout will help to make it look more interesting. If you are... read more

Animal Logic

...quake struck. According to John Dengate, there’s really no hard scientific data to support these ideas, some of them are myths and just plain fun, while others are more difficult to ignore. Termites and ants increase their activity as soon as humid or wet weather begins. They’re very dependent on moisture levels to survive, and they seem to wait for the onset of humid weather to begin colonising. Frogs croaking around ponds is usually an indicator... read more

Pink Trumpet Vine

...shown in our segment good as a sprawling groundcover trained along a chain link fence Good points: hardy attractive flowers very free flowering virtually pest and disease free drought resistant Downside: high maintenance if pruned as a shrub or standard Care: Pink trumpet vine grows best in a sunny position, but will tolerate light shade. It needs a well drained soil and a strong support if it is to be grown as a climber. Water well until the plan... read more