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Beagle dog
...ce to train. A structured training program is strongly recommended for all Beagles. Beagle health & lifespan The Beagle is a tough little dog with few health problems. Main areas to watch are: obesity – which can lead to problems such as back strain. Anal glands – some owners report problems with blockages in the dog’s anal glands, located on either side of the anus. This is usually indicated by the dog dragging its bottom along the ground. It can... read more

Don’s Expert Answers: Looking for name of gum tree species

...image How many hours of sunlight does the plant get each day: See attached image How long since you planted it: See attached image Have you fertilised? If so, with what and when: See attached image Is the plant indoors or outdoors: See attached image Is the plant in a pot or in the ground: See attached image What other treatments have you given the plant: See attached image Upload photo if available: Other Comments: I am interested in growing the... read more

Thermal Image Zoo

..., and where the heat was distributed. We were amazed at the multi-coloured images the thermal imaging camera produced: the blue areas were fairly cold, the blackish areas intermediate and the red areas very hot. Those fabulous results made us wonder what different animals would look like when viewed through the high-tech lens of a thermal imaging camera. Don and the Burke’s Backyard team visited Sydney’s Taronga Zoo at night, and had great fun cap... read more

Wombats as sperm is collected before the animals are returned back to the wild. Data collected from the musters help manage populations as well has monitor the impacts of climate change on the species. Data from these SA studies is also used to help conservation efforts for the northern hairy-nosed wombat. For the last two years Dr Elisa Sparrow has been running Wombat Workshops in all the southern hairy-nosed wombat regions – eight workshops in total.... read more

Regent Honeyeater

...and location. Volunteers need only a pair of binoculars, a field guide and data supplied by the organisers of the project. The last project like this was run 20 years ago and had 3000 volunteers, while the current project has only 500 volunteers, organiser Geoff Barrett is hoping more people will volunteer. The aim of the new project is to compare the new bird atlas with the earlier data to see if any comparisons or conclusions can be drawn. For m... read more

Lowering Cholesterol considered a substitute for cholesterol-lowering medication. We have no data about the long-term safety of foods containing added plant sterols. The margarine spreads have been approved, but the other products will need special approval under the new food standards which come into force in June 2001. ANZFA has assessed the application for approval of products containing plant sterols, but concluded that only a restricted permission (for margari... read more

Guide Dog Association

...tal characteristics and physical attributes. The programme uses scientific data and genetic analysis to improve fertility and conception rates while seeking to minimise skeletal, neurological, opthalmological, skin and other genetic diseases. Arguably these are the best purebred dogs in the world, in that no other dog breed is so carefully selected for temperament and soundness. Why are Labrador Retrievers used as Guide Dogs? The Labrador Retrieve... read more

Home Theatre Systems

...ether it be widescreen, plasma or projector. Tara Dennis asked Nic Tatham, Editor of ‘Audio & Video Lifestyle’ about options for people who want that movie experience in the comfort of their own home. Essential components You’ll need a television, DVD player, receiver and speakers for your home theatre system. The TV should be large enough to view movies in a wide screen aspect ratio (27″ screen or greater). It is best to buy the latest plasma or... read more

Burke’s Backyard Bake Off 2009

...o work on Monday. There were two sections – sweet and savoury. Our cookery editor, Tracy Rutherford was the judge, and she came up with two excellent winners, with creativity being the ‘X-factor’ that decided the winner each time. The overall winner was created by stylist Sandy de Beyer: home-made brandy snap baskets filled with sour cream, gingered figs and orange. Yum! And in the savoury section, Chris Burke’s very tasty Tomato Pastries took out... read more

Keeping Laying Chooks

Hen laying
...’s Backyard looked at three of the more exotic varieties with Megg Miller, editor of Australian Poultry magazine. BREED: Welsummer TEMPERAMENT: placid, a good pet COST: $15 upwards LIFESPAN: 9 year lifespan, productive for 3 years RECOMMENDED FOR: backyarders History The Welsummer breed originated in Holland around the turn of the century, and was produced by crossing local red-brown land fowl with several pure breeds. Named after a small village... read more

Vibrant Garden

This vibrant garden gives a contemporary image to an inner-suburban Victorian style home. There is a traditional structure to the garden reminiscent of Versailles but it is composed of brightly coloured materials, pebbles and columns. The simple plantings and hard surfaces make it a low maintenance garden which would suit anyone with a busy city lifestyle. Design elements The client requested a garden that was not a typical Victorian period garde... read more

Don’s Expert Answers: Unsure on plant combination in window flower bed

...Pelargoniums. The window is about 2 metres long and half a metre wide (see image attached). It will receive about 6 hours of sun (morning sun). Do you have any suggestions on appropriate plants/care? I’m not an experienced gardener and something low maintenance would probably be best! Kind regards, Louisa Answer: Hi Louisa, pelargoniums would be an excellent choice. Plant them in one long trough that is as wide and long as possible. The depth of p... read more