Building a BBQ

Builder, Scott Cam, was worried about SNAGs (sensitive new age guys) spending too much time in the kitchen cooking pasta. He demonstrated how to build a barbecue using Hebel blocks, so the SNAGS can go out into the backyard and cook sausages.

Hebel barbie


  • Hebel blocks, 600mm x 200mm x 100mm
  • Hebel thin bed adhesive
  • sandstone top, 1700 x 700 x 75mm
  • yellow brickies sand
  • off-white cement


  • shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • mixing hoe
  • trowel
  • level
  • string line
  • rubber mallet
  • panel saw
  • notched trowel
  • gloves
  • sponge

Step by step

1. Starting from a concrete footing or pad, use a mortar mix (4 parts brickies sand to 1 part off-white cement) to lay the first course of Hebel blocks. (Note: Hebel is a lightweight, aerated concrete product that is easy to carve.) Use your level and set up a string line to make sure this course is level and straight, then you’ll finish level and straight!

2. Use Hebel adhesive to bond the next four courses of Hebel blocks to the first, in brick format (this will bring the BBQ to a height of 1 metre).

3. Wearing gloves, use a sponge to apply the render (6 parts yellow brickies sand and 1 part off-white cement) to the Hebel blocks.

4. Use mortar (6:1 brickies sand and off-white cement) or Hebel glue to attach the sandstone top to the barbecue. (Tip: your stonemason will cut the sandstone to size for you. Our sandstone top was 1700x700x75mm, with a 480x780mm cut-out for the barbecue.)

5. Slide the barbecue into position and connect the gas bottle. (Safety tip: a gas fuse should be connected between the bottle and the barbecue.) Another option is for a plumber to connect the barbie to the gas mains.

6. To attach the accessory rack, use a masonry drill bit to drill 8mm holes, then place masonry anchors into the holes. Screw the rack to the wall and hang the tools.


Capt’n Cook Barbecue with roasting hood, around $900 from Barbeques Galore. Phone 13 12 54 for your nearest store, or visit

Hebel blocks (600 x 200 x 100mm) $4.40 each. Hebel thin bed adhesive, around $33 for 20kg. Call 1300 369 448 or visit
Sandstone 1700 x 700mm, about $250, cut and delivered
40kg yellow brickies sand, $5.20
20kg off-white cement, $7.58
Gas bottles cost around $80 for a 9kg bottle, then around $25 per swap