Winter Dog Coat

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This stylish dog coat features pockets which are a safe place for your keys or to hide a treat for your dog when you’re out walking. The coat can be customised to suit the size of your dog.

Reversible dog coat with pockets


  • 50cm corduroy for small dog or 70cm corduroy for large dog

  • 50 or 70cm tartan (for lining)
  • 2 zippers: 15cm for small dog or 18cm for large dog
  • 8cm ribbing to match
  • 1 buckle
  • tissue paper or vilene to make pattern


Measure the dog from its collar along its back to just before the tail (A), and make a note of this measurement. Measure from one side of the dog to the other, the length where you want the coat to sit (B). Finally, measure across the front of the dog from shoulder to shoulder (C). See diagram 1.

For the coat body, draw a rectangle on the tissue paper or vilene the length of the dog’s back and the width of the coat. Add an extra 7cm (for small dog) and 9cm (for large dog) to the length of the pattern, to accommodate the shoulders. See Diagram 2.

Cut out the top coat pattern, fold in half lengthwise and trim the back corners to slightly curve. To curve around the shoulders, draw in and cut out a semi-circle at the neck end of the pattern (see diagram 2). The semi-circle needs to be 7cm deep for small dogs or 9cm for large dogs.

For the front piece, draw another rectangular pattern the length of the shoulder-to-shoulder measurement and 7cm wide. See diagram 3.

Lay the patterns onto your corduroy and cut out one coat piece, one front piece, plus two extra rectangles measuring 9cm x 15cm for the straps.

From the lining fabric, cut a coat piece, a front piece and two pockets. Pockets should be 20cm x length of zipper plus 3cm, ie. 20cm x 18cm for small dogs, or 20cm x 21cm for large dogs.


Lay one pocket piece onto the right side of the corduroy coat piece. Place it in the centre of the long side, lining up the edge of the pocket with the lower edge of the coat. See diagram 4. Mark the pocket centre. Draw a line the length of the zipper 1cm down from the centre line. Sew around the marked line approximately .5cm from the line. Cut between the sewing lines, clipping into the corners. Turn through to the wrong side through the hole and pull into shape. Sew zipper into the space, then with the wrong side still facing you, sew the side and bottom pocket seams together. Repeat for the other side pocket.

Diagram 4


Fold the straps in half (right sides together) and stitch, leaving one end open. Turn through to the right sides, pin in place in the centre of the coat sides. Stitch the rectangular front piece to each side of the front of the coat. Do the same on the lining.

Pin and sew the main piece and the lining together around the outside edges matching seams, right sides together, and enclosing the straps inside, leaving the neck open. Clip the curves and the corners. Turn the coat to the right side through the neck opening and top stitch around the entire coat edge.

Measure the length of the rib for the neck by slightly stretching in around the opening. Cut off the length required and join into a circle, fold in half and pin into the neck opening on the corduroy only, right sides together. Sew around the rib. Turn to the wrong side (the lining side) and turn under the tartan around the neck and sew this to the rib. This makes the coat reversible.

Thread one side of the clip onto each strap and fit the coat onto your dog, then adjust the straps to fit. Cut off the excess and sew to secure. Your dog is now ready for the catwalk!