Garden of St Erth

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The garden of St Erth at Blackwood, an hours drive from Melbourne, was until recently, owned by the well-known horticultural writer Tommy Garnett, and has since become part of Digger’s Seeds. Digger’s Seeds, which is based at ‘Heronswood’, Dromana, in Victoria, is a mail-order seed and perennial specialist. The house and garden which were built in 1860 have seen changes over the years with plants growing and changing form. It is currently being revitalised by the gardeners from Digger’s Seeds.

The garden is open to visitors and has a nursery attached which sells many of the plants visitors see at St Erth. The nursery also stocks seeds and plants from the Digger’s Club.

Open Garden

The Garden of St Erth
Simmons Reef Road
Blackwood, VIC, 3458
Phone or Fax: (03) 5368 6514

The Garden of St Erth is open 7 days a week, 10am-4 pm. Admission: $5.
A Digger’s Club Catalogue is available free of charge by phoning, faxing or writing to The Garden of St Erth, Simmons Reef Road, Blackwood, VIC, 3458.

Digger’s Club Membership

If you would like to join The Digger’s Club:
Contact them by mail:

105 La Trobe Parade
Dromana, VIC, 3936
Phone: (03) 5987 1877
Fax: (03) 5981 4298

The Digger’s Club costs: $25 per year; 2 years $35; 5 years $70 and provides entry to seven Victorian gardens as well as discounts on products.

Mail order

Mail order of seeds is available from The Digger’s Club at the above address.