Protection From Possums

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Possums love munching on vegetable and fruit plants in the garden.

We showed one way of protecting the vegies. Don found an unused guinea pig cage. This was converted so that it could be put over the plants so they were safe from any possum attacks. Similar cages can be used – not always attractive but will keep the possums away.

Nets are also available from many nurseries that can be set up so that they are raised above the garden beds – or put over trees. These will often minimise the damage possums can do as well as keep birds away.


Bird also do significant damage to fruit and vegie gardens. There are a variety of ways to deter them.

Plastic snakes left around the garden can be useful – a hose laid around the area can also resemble a snake and achieve the same aim.

Large plastic birds such as owls are also available that can be placed around areas that need protection.

One of the most effective products is the Hawk Bird Scarer. These cost $35 + postage and can be ordered via