Gardening Information Services

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Gardening Information Services


There are many places which provide advice on your garden and on specific plant problems. Most nurseries which employ qualified horticulturists will also offer advice on plant problems, and many Botanic Gardens have Technical Officers and Botanists who can assist with plant problems and with plant identification. Departments of Agriculture and Primary Industry also provide assistance.

Burke’s Backyard strongly recommends that, if you decide to employ a professional landscaping contractor, you first contact the Landscape Contractor’s Association in your state for the names of landscaping contractors who are members of the association and are bound by a Code of Ethics. In the event of any dispute or poor workmanship these associations should be able to assist you if you have employed one of their members.

NOTE: Two state services can be accessed from any state. They are:

Grow Search – a data base for specific information. Phone/Fax: (07) 3821 3784. First query and search is free, charges apply thereafter.

Infocall (WA) – run by the Department of Agriculture at 3 Baron Hay Court, South Perth, 6151, The Pest and Disease Information Service can be contacted on; (08) 9368 3666 or 1800 084 881, email: [email protected]

New South Wales

Grow Search & Infocall can be accessed from NSW – as per Note above.

The Education section of the Gardens provides an on-site consultation service for schools only, dealing with the creation and maintenance of school gardens. Contact (02) 9231 8134 for further details.

Plant specimens, for identification of species, can be taken to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Go