Grevillea ‘Cooroora Cascade’

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Grevillea ‘Cooroora Cascade’

Don looked at ‘Cooroora Cascade’, a low growing sport of Grevillea ‘Golden Lyre’. ‘Golden Lyre’ is hybrid between G. ‘Honey Gem’ and the species G. formosa. It grows about 2-3m (6-10′) tall, and has beautiful yellow toothbrush flowers. ‘Cooroora Cascade’ has all the attributes of its parent, but it only grows about half as tall.

Plant details

Common name: ‘Cooroora Cascade’

Botanic name: Grevillea ‘Cooroora Cascade’

Description: Ground cover grevillea growing less than 50cm (20″) tall, with a spread of 2-3m (6-10′). It has bright green foliage and long, golden toothbrush flowers. Flowers appear for about three months, from late summer through to autumn. It can be purchased as a ground cover, or as a weeping standard. Standards are grafted onto silky oak (G. robusta) understock.

Best climate: Warmer areas of Australia (Sydney to Perth and north) but worth a try in coastal areas south to Melbourne.

Good points:

beautiful golden toothbrush flowers long flowering bird attracting can be grown as a ground cover or weeping standard


Grevilleas like growing in full sun, in a well-drained fertile soil. Fertilise once a year with a low phosphorus fertilizer such as Osmocote for natives. Prune after flowering to shape the plant and encourage more flowers.

Getting started:

‘Cooroora Cascade’ was developed and is sold by Fairhill Native Nursery at Yandina, Qld. Look for ‘Cooroora Cascade’ at specialist native plant nurseries (such as the ones listed below), or ask your local nursery to order it in for you. It is available now in Queensland and New South Wales, but it may be hard to find in other states. Plants in 140mm or 6″ pots cost between $7.50 and $12, and standards cost around $50-$100 (prices will vary according to plant size and freight and handling costs).


Annangrove Grevilleas Native Nursery, Kenthurst. Phone: (02) 9654 1380
Cranebrook Native Nursery, Cranebrook. Phone: (02) 4777 4256
Kangarutha Nursery, Tathra. Phone: (02) 6494 1500
NSW State Forests Nursery, Pennant Hills. Phone: (02) 9871 3222
Sydney Wildflower Nursery West, Marsden Park. Phone: (02) 9628 4448
Sydney Wildflower Nursery South, Heathcote. Phone: (02) 9548 2818


Fairhill Native Plants, Yandina. Phone: (07) 5446 7088
Nielsen’s Native Nursery, Loganholme. Phone: (07) 3806 1414

These specialist native nurseries may be able to order plants for you but do not have ‘Cooroora Cascade’ in stock:


Kuranga Native Nursery, Ringwood. Phone: (03) 9879 4076
Mt Cassell Native Nursery, Pomonal. Phone: (03) 5356 6351.


Nellie Nursery, Mannum. Phone: (08) 8569 1762


Zanthorrea Nursery, Maida Vale. Phone: (08) 9454 6260