Alstroemeria ‘Peruvian Princess’

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An interesting new plant is the dwarf Alstroemeria ‘Peruvian Princess’ which has ruby red flowers with yellow throats.

Plant details

Common name: Dwarf Alstroemeria
Botanic name: Alstroemeria ‘Peruvian Princess’
Description: A compact, dense shrub growing to about 50cm (20″) with striking ruby red flowers and golden yellow throats. Flowers from spring through to autumn. The foliage is bright green.
Climate: Grows in all parts of Australia with possible reduced flowering in subtropical and tropical zones.


potted on a patio or balcony as border plants in strongly coloured gardens with reds, yellows and purples cut flowers for posies, the flower stems are best pulled away from the base of the plant and not cut


plenty of water during growth periods to be left in the soil undisturbed


Remove dead flower stems after flowering by pulling to re-invigorate plant growth and enhance flowering for the following year. Fertilise with five to six month controlled release fertiliser in spring and late summer for better flowering.


Available Australia wide from nurseries and major department and chain stores.