Orange Trumpet Creeper

Orange Trumpet Creeper

The orange trumpet creeper is a South American native which puts on a spectacular display of brilliant orange flowers from winter through to spring.

Plant details

Common name: Orange trumpet creeper, flame vine

Botanic name: Pyrostegia venusta

The genus name is from the Greek and refers to the colour of the flowers (pyro = flame and stege = covering). The species name ‘venusta’ means pleasing.


A vigorous evergreen climber which supports itself by means of coiled, thread-like tendrils growing from the apex of some of the bright green compound leaves. Abundant, bold orange flowers are produced from about mid July until October.

Best climate

Pyrostegias are warm climate plants. They grow well in Sydney to Perth and areas north. They are also worth trying in coastal gardens further south and in Adelaide and inland areas in a warm position, with shelter from cold winds and frost.

Best look

Striking when draped over a building or a structure such as a carport or over an old fence. A good choice in a country garden to conceal the tank stand.

Good points

Bold orange flowers bring a warm look to the winter garden Evergreen Pest and disease free Low maintenance


Hard to find and grow in a cold climate Only comes in orange


The orange trumpet vine likes a sunny spot, excellent drainage and regular moisture particularly when it’s hot and dry. It also needs protection from frost and a support to climb over. Prune away spent flowers to encourage new growth in spring if desired.

Getting started

Orange trumpet creeper is available at nurseries all year round in warm and tropical climates, but particularly in autumn and winter when in flower. Expect to pay around $16 for plants in 200mm (8″) pots.

It can also be grown from semi-hardwood cuttings taken in summer, autumn or winter.