Beer Can Chicken

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A can of beer ensures that this barbecued chicken is moist both inside and out.

1 chicken, defrosted
1 can beer, 3/4 full
paprika, ground
cloves, crushed
black pepper
cinnamon, ground
cumin powder
olive oil


1. Sprinkle chicken with spices (to taste). Coat with olive oil.
2. Massage spices into chicken.
3. Insert open beer can into chicken cavity.
4. Stand chicken upright (so that it balances on the beer can) and barbecue. As the chicken cooks, the beer will moisten the chicken from the inside.

Note: Very high temperatures may damage the can. The chicken should be cooked at 180°C for 60-90 minutes and once cooked, remove the can. Many good barbecue stores now stock special wire beer can holders which solve the problem of the chicken sometimes falling over as it cooks.