Don’s Expert Answers: Bay tree with the leaves dying very slowly from tip to base of leaf

Question From:
Sue in Gunnedah, Gunnedah New South Wales

Nature of problem:
Bay tree with the leaves dying very slowly from tip to base of leaf

Type of Plant (if known):
Bay laurel

Symptoms of Plant Illness (please try NOT to diagnose your problems yourself):
Leaves dying

Soil Type (e.g. sandy, clay or loam) OR Potting Mix Type:
potting mix

How often do you water the plant:
winter couple of times a fortnight, summer 3 or 4 times a week

How many hours of sunlight does the plant get each day:

How long since you planted it:
4 years

Have you fertilised? If so, with what and when:
infrequently with a miracle grow soaking

Is the plant indoors or outdoors:

Is the plant in a pot or in the ground:
potted 40L pot

What other treatments have you given the plant:

Upload photo if available:

Other Comments:
Laves have been slowly dying for 2 years. The plant still produces new growth but is looking very poorly at the moment.

Hi Sue, I would re-pot the plant into pot about double the size – ie about 80 litres. As you do it look carefully to see if the soil is very dry or boggy and wet. If it is dry, remove about one third of the mix and add Saturaid to the new potting mix. If boggy, you probably have a saucer under the pot. Do not use a saucer again. Good luck. Don.