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Rock Making

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Rock Making

Rocks in the garden add interest and style to any design, whether it's around a pool, in a rockery of a Balinese style. But rocks can be expensive to buy and to install in the garden. That's why the art of rock making has become such a popular garden landscaping activity.

Rock maker

Keith Tutor is a landscape designer and rock maker who has made videos on the subject and teaches a course 'Landscaping on a Limited Budget'. The rocks and boulders can be made from recycled rubble for about $10-$18 a rock and each one takes about two hours to make.

How to make a rock

Further information

For more details on making your own rock Keith Tutor has five very
popular DVDs available that show the many ways in which his methods
can be utilized in and around the home property.
   Average cost is $39.95 per title (GST inclusive) plus postage.

Email contact: dan@australianexports.com.au.

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