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Autumn colour is a wonderful sight, yet many associate this season's colour with changes in tree foliage. Flowering plants do make an impact with autumn colour and Peter Valder recently looked at some autumn flowering bulbs which were named after Nereis, a sea nymph from Greek mythology.


Common name: Nerine

Botanical name: Nerine spp.

Description: These autumn flowering bulbs produce their flower stems before the leaves, similar to belladonna lilies to which nerines are closely related. The plant dies down to ground level and the bulb becomes dormant.

Nerines can grow to 60cm (24") with a width of 30cm (12"). The foliage is strap-like and the flowers have narrow petals which curve outwards. They come in a variety of colours including pink, red and white.

The nerines featured in the segment include:




Climate: These bulbs originate in South Africa. South Africa's climate is similar to that of the southern part of Australia and the bulbs are therefore well adapted. Nerines like mediterranean climates, mountain areas and the cooler south-eastern Australian climates.

Availability: Nerine bulbs are available at nurseries now. Potted nerines should be available throughout the year. Our segment was filmed at Merry Garth in the Blue Mountains of NSW, and the attached nursery sells potted nerines for $5 in either 150mm (6") or 200mm (8") pots.

You can also buy loose nerine bulbs. Tesselaar Bulbs and Flowers have a range of nerines which will give garden colour from late summer and into winter. The bulbs range in price from $3-$5 depending on the species. Write, phone or fax Tesselaar's for their free catalogue.

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