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In the Magazine
March 2013 Issue


  • Axed – our last issue: collector's special
  • Potting mixes roadtest: surprise results
  • Don's best ever garden tips: must read
  • Post-summer garden care: Don's tips
  • Best backyard fruits: expert advice

In the Garden

Our fond farewell

As this is our final issue of ‘Burke’s Backyard’ magazine, we look back at 15 fabulous years where you, our wonderful readers, were always a big part of the fun

Potting mixes

Scientific testing turns up some surprise results, including bargain buys at cheaper prices and some expensive duds

Hottest summer ever

Don’s tips on nursing your garden back to good health after experiencing the hottest summer on record

DIY kids’ moss garden

This project, from Don’s new ‘Kids’ Garden Adventure Kit’ (available in bookshops nationally for $19.95), is wonderful creative fun for the kids to make

Don’s best ever tips

Don Burke shares his ultimate secrets of success for beautiful, easy-care gardens

Hands on

Autumn vegies – what to plant now and how to get started; plus March garden jobs with bulbs, sweet peas and more

Best backyard fruits

Annette McFarlane’s expert guide to the best fruit varieties for Aussie backyards in all climate zones

L’hirondelle garden

Elegant gardens, mature trees, plus a wonderfully productive, big vegie patch

Gnome problemo

Don Burke’s has a gnome collection to die for, and our Editor-at-Large Jamie has no room for any more

Jim Fogarty's garden designs

Tips on how to use the palette of Australian colours when designing your own garden

New releases

Amazing natives, easy flowers and purple garlic are great new planting ideas for gardeners

Peter Valder

Peter Valder’s plant in focus is the world’s greatest grain – rice, plus watch the Viewa video to see Peter at home in the kitchen cooking his family’s favourite kedgeree recipe

Top 10 roses

Rose expert Elizabeth Swane picks her favourite roses – and all of them are superb choices for any garden

In your climate

Lots of jobs to do in your garden this autumn from our expert team of gardeners in all climate zones

Pets & Lifestyle

Homegrown flavour

Tracy Rutherford’s delicious recipes using homegrown ingredients

Autumn, naturally

Creative designer shopping with autumn’s natural colours

What really works

Rosemary Stanton’s ultimate nutrition tips for long-lasting good health

Glut guide: pumpkins

Pumpkins with pepitas and egg, an easy, healthy and quick recipe to make


Get to know versatile, trendy and healthy grain (it’s being grown here in Australia now) and we show easy ways to prepare and cook it

Chris Brown's pets

Dramatic real-life stories from the veterinary practice of Bondi vet, Dr Chris Brown

David Darcy's dogs

Celebrity pet photographer David Darcy visits Don Burke at home with his two pet dogs, good old Clyde and the brand new boy, Colin the Cavoodle

Martyn Robinson's backyard wildlife

Fabulous frog photos from ‘Burke’s Backyard’ magazine readers illustrate Martyn’s fascinating story on the secret lives of backyard frogs

Readers' photos

Our farewell edition of ‘Readers’ Photos’ is our biggest and best ever – and a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who sent in your amazing photos – you’re all stars!

Megg Miller: ducks

Daffy ducks make superb backyard pets, eating all the snails they can find and entertaining you with their humorous antics

Renovating for profit

Cherie Barber shows some great ‘before and after’ renovations to get you motivated to dream big

This month's crossword

Try the crossword

From Burke's Backyard magazine.

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The Lazy Gardener
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Don's story, his own stunnning native garden, plus expert advice and tips
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