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Rewinding spring tension on roller door

Posted 2926 days ago

Rewinding Spring Tension on Roller Door
Hi All
I tried to move my roller door sideways because it was hitting on one side.
I loosened the u bolts and lost the spring tension and made a total mess of this job.
What is the direction I now have to wind up the axel and spring to get back this roller door action?
Or should I just call in the company who installed the door to fix up my balls up.

Ray Boyce



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RE: Rewinding spring tension on roller door

Posted 2922 days ago

Hi Ray,
With your door up and the "U" bolts loose put your stilsons on one end and pull the handle (of the stilsons) down. You will eventualy start to feel enough tension that will want to fight against you, at this point you will need to nip up the "U" bolts before you take your stilsons off. Next put your stilsons back on, loosen the "U" bolts, pull down on the handle, tighten the "U" bolts, remove the stilsons and so on until you get the correct tension. DO NOT PULL THE DOOR DOWN AND LOOSEN THE "U" BOLTS, pulling the door down winds up the spring which creates a lot of potential energy; not good - believe me I've seen it happen!