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Shade My Driveway

Posted 2098 days ago

Our glaring white driveway is on the northern side of our house in Hornsby. I'd like to grow a tree on the western side of the driveway (there's no room on the other side).

The tree would be 6 metres from the house and I don't want any big gum trees hanging over the house. I liked the look of Zelkova Wireless but was told it's too humid here. I like the look of syzygium leuhmanii but am concerned of berries covering the ground.

I reckon we need something with a straight trunk, growing maybe 10 metres (not sure) with canopy that spreads out nicely over the driveway and that we can park under.

I've been to a couple of nurseries & was recommended flowering ash, crepe myrtle, chinese tallow and eumundi quandong.... I don't know.

It's a big big decision!! Do you have any thoughts on the trees I've mentioned or any other recommendations that would suit this area.

Much appreciated!