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Little Gem Magnolia leaves turning brown

Posted 2126 days ago

I planted some new Little Gems at the weekend but noticed today that the leaves are turning brown. Have been watering a couple of times a day but haven't fertilized as have been told not to do that. Any ideas what it might be? Too little/much water? Soil? Lack of fertilizer? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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RE: Little Gem Magnolia leaves turning brown

Posted 2120 days ago

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RE: Little Gem Magnolia leaves turning brown

Posted 2115 days ago

Probably due to low mineral fertility this may happen...Use a good or a natural composite...So that it will enhance the plant to grow well..

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RE: Little Gem Magnolia leaves turning brown

Posted 2092 days ago


I also agree that it could be luck of fertilizer, however, please check if drainage is OK. Often in Sydney the top soil is very shallow and thick clay underneath making drainage poor. This can cause root rot and plant will look like its poorly watered or poorly fertilised. If this the case, you will need to reduce amount of water when watering and make watering more regular, check PH of the soil and add appropriate fertiliser - one with with extra calcium to neutralise soil acidity. You can get more info and materials at