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Indoor Plant dieing (again)

Posted 2091 days ago

Hello there,

I have in indoor plant which is starting to wilt and die. The plant had been healthy for the past 5 months without any change in environment, location, watering habits etc.

I feed the plant once every 3 months with Baby Bio Indoor Plant feed and water once a week.

I checked the soil - it is dry

I live in Singapore (hot and humid environment)

The photo below shows what is happening to the plany at the moment

anybody have any idea?

Thank you!



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RE: Indoor Plant dieing (again)

Posted 2090 days ago

Try immersing the plant (pot and all) in a bucket of water with some soil-wetting agent premixed into it.Leave it there until no more bubbles are coming up.
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RE: Indoor Plant dieing (again)

Posted 2006 days ago

You can try bioactive cocopeat along with soil to grow the plants. The cocopeat contains useful nutrients, balanced pH and fertilizers which promote healthy growth of plants. For indoor gardens cocopeat is very effective, so I will suggest you to try it for your indoor garden.