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Ficus Flash deteriorating

Posted 764 days ago

Hi Don,
I am look for some advice on an issue I am having with one of my Ficus Flash trees.

They have been established for a little over a year an all bar 2 are growing fantastically.
However the ficus I am concerned about is as follows.
The top of the trees top 1/3 has started to die off with all leaves and branches shrivelling and it appears they are dead. The bottom part of the tree is still green and producing new growth.

What is happening as I fear I will loose this tree. The other 11 are fine. If I could up load a photo it would show the top part of the tree dead and the bottom actively with growth.

Are you able assist with some advice before I fear it is to late.

Information is as follows
Outdoor planted, part sun part shaded area during the day
11 others along the same fence line all fine.
It is at the start of the irrigation line.