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We endeavour to answer as many reasonable enquiries as we can via the enquiry form below. We need to know your location (ie, city/town and state) as this will tell us which climate and soil zone you are in. Alternatively peruse our thousands of fact sheets or join our garden forum where you can talk to other keen gardeners, pet owners & cooks.

We pride ourselves in offering a free service that answers garden queries. All that we ask is that you give us enough information to be able to help you. If you make an effort, we will too. For plant identifications we always require a clear photo showing both leaves and flowers and, if possible fruit or seeds. Only queries that include the relevant information from the list below can be answered:

  1. Where you live: country, city & suburb.
  2. What type of soil you have - or potting mix details if it is a potted plant.
  3. How often you water the plant.
  4. How many hours of sunlight does it get each day.
  5. What type of plant is it, or precise description of both leaves and flowers. A photo is best.
  6. How long since you planted it.
  7. What are the exact symptoms that you can see (please try not to diagnose your problems yourself).
  8. Details of the fertilising that the plant receives.
  9. Is the plant indoors or outdoors.
  10. What other treatments have you have tried on the plant.

Not all of these bits of information may be relevant to your query but please try to answer as many as you can. We answer thousands of queries each year, and lack of information forces us to send extra emails doubling or quadrupling our workload, which in turn prevents us from helping many other people. So we are forced to only answer queries where all of the necessary information is included up front. If you make an effort, we will too.

  • Phone: (02) 9414 4800
  • Postal address: PO Box 929, Crows Nest, NSW 1585

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