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Keeping Cats Off The Garden

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A recent question to Don’s Mailbag from Tilly in western Sydney related to keeping cats doing their business off her garden.  Don suggested getting rival manures such as cow, horse of chook manure to spread on the garden.

Many viewers emailed different suggestions:

Talcum powder

Citrus peel

Cayene pepper

Black pepper

Citronella oil (One viewer suggested it would also keep cats off the car if you polish the car with it – we suggest you try a small area first to ensure no damage is done to the duco)

Citronella tea candles crushed and spread around

Vicks vapour rub on rags & leave around the yard – the rags are waterproof too so the Vicks doesn’t wash off in rain

Coffee grounds after they’ve been used.  While this should be safe since it has already been boiled, coffee has some similarities to the chemicals in chocolate & chocolate can poison cats & dogs

Napthalene – it was suggested that this keeps rats and mice away too

Tiger poo from zoo (Zoo Do used to be available from some zoos and nurseries some time ago but it can now be hard to find).

‘Scatt’ & ‘Get Off My Garden’ are products that were said to be effective.

White vinegar spray it.

Fire a water pistol at them – assuming you are able to catch them in the act.

Toilet blocks crushed and spread around

Put long cut rose stems or coco bean mulch around plants

Lavender Oil


Another other suggestions sent to us will be added to this list.

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